Advanced Mechanical

Romer-G was designed and engineered to be the highest performance mechanical gaming switch with faster and quieter actuation and brighter, sharper lighting. Romer-G has become the choice of the world’s top esports professional and the most demanding players. Romer-G is rigorously tested for the highest levels of durability, reliability and performance.

Now available in two distinct profiles: Tactile and Linear.

Romer-G Tactile

Romer-G Tactile, the original profile, provides a discernible tactile bump during actuation.

Our tactile actuation is minimal and so provides confidence and precision in the actuation moment, without being too loud or distracting. Romer-G Tactile is ideal for competitive and FPS gaming.

Romer-G Linear

Romer-G Linear provides a fluid and smooth keystroke.

Linear actuation is great for double-tapping, rapid keystrokes in succession and uninterrupted half-presses. Romer-G Linear is ideal for MMO and action games.

Switch Romer-G Tactile Romer-G Linear
Feedback Type Discernable Bump Fluid and Smooth
Actuation Distance 1.5mm 1.5mm
Total Travel 3.2mm 3.2mm
Average Force 45gf 45gf
Tactile Force 50gf N/A
Lifespan 70M Clicks 70M Clicks

Faster and Quieter

Both Romer-G Tactile and Romer-G Linear switches feature a short-throw 1.5mm actuation distance and a low-force 45g actuation point.

Logitech G developed Romer-G switches to be faster and more responsive than standard mechanical switches. They are also quieter than standard for a more refined experience.

Sharper and Brighter

Romer-G not only outperforms, but also outshines the competition. The switch is engineered with a centered backlight to minimize light leakage and an exclusive Swiss-engineered lens to evenly focus light through the top of the keys.

Unrivaled Quality and Durability

Tested for 70 million keystrokes, Romer-G mechanical switches are up to 40% more durable than the standard mechanical switches. Dual-contact redundancy helps ensure key activation at the same point, every time, for unparalleled consistency and performance.

The Choice of Pros

Esports pros all over the world prefer Logitech G mechanical keyboards featuring Romer-G switches.

Speed. Accuracy. Consistency. Endurance.

Romer-G was purpose-built with the same attributes that pro esports athletes need to win.


Romer-G is available in a variety of keyboards. Find the keyboard right for you.