Key letter entirely illuminated, with evenly-lit glow

Up to 25% Faster

The all-new Logitech Romer-G™ mechanical switch actuates at a distance of 1.5mm. That’s up to 25% shorter and faster than the leading competitor. Low-force, 45g actuation results in near-instant responsiveness and helps minimize fatigue over long gaming sessions.

Keyboard section featuring customized colors

Smooth, Confident, Accurate Keystrokes

Performance Facet Keycaps and soft click switch design improve tactile feedback and responsiveness. Patent-pending asymmetric keycap design keeps your fingers centered and improves edge-strike activation for more direct and reliable keystrokes.

Romer-G graphic presentation of LED backlight design

Total Lighting You Can Depend On

Centered, surface-mount LED backlight design minimizes light leakage and focuses light evenly through the top of the keys for a cleaner, more appealing look. Surface mounted LEDs improve connection strength and reliability over standard keyswitch-mounted mechanical keyboard backlighting. Keyboards with RGB-backlighting feature an exclusive Swiss-designed lens that combines and focuses RGB lighting.

Depicts 70-million keystrokes and dual contact redundancy testing

Long Lasting Reliability

Tested for 70-million keystrokes, Romer-G mechanical switches are up to 40% more durable than the top competitor. Dual-contact redundancy helps ensure key activation at the same point, every time.