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Star Wars Battlefront II Exclusive Gear Star Wars Battlefront II Exclusive Gear

Logitech G, DICE and Lucas have collaborated together to design the official Star Wars Battlefront II gaming gear. Inspired by Inferno Squad, G810, G703, G933 and G840 have now completely turned to the dark side.

These limited edition units are NOT for sale anywhere.

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With advanced LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming technology, the G703 flicks with precision and guides your path with unlimited confidence. With programmable RGB lighting and a maximum 12,000 DPI, the Force is strong with this one. Whether the G703 fights for the dark side or the light is up to you.

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G810 Mechanical

Our clean, fast and sturdy G810 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is ready to command your X-wing and TIE fighter with deadly accuracy. Romer-G mechanical key switches actuate 25% faster than standard mechanical switches and are rated for over 70 million keystrokes. Fully programmable RGB lighting precisely blasts through the center of each key. It’s a design even the Imperial Forces would envy.

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G933 DTS Headphone:X

With next-gen DTS® Headphone:X surround sound delivering keen 3D spatial awareness, you can detect your foes with eyes closed. G933 is fully wireless with hide-away mic, programmable RGB lighting and intense Pro-G audio drivers designed to remove distortion. Get your head in the battle. After all, a Jedi is always aware of their surroundings.

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G840 Dark Side Desktop

The XL cloth mouse pad with Inferno Squad insignia make a big Imperial statement. An expansive performance-tuned surface with a stable rubber base turns your entire desktop to the dark side. At just 3mm thin, G840 serves as a comfortable, streamlined and unified command center.

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