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Logitech G Developer Lab - Software Development Kits

Software Development Kits


Easily implement Logitech steering wheel support for your game by using a set of predefined force feedback effects or customize your own effects by specifying individual forces. The SDK also wraps the wheel’s DirectInput controls so you don’t have to.

2018/07/02 8.57.148

GamePanel introduces second screen capability that allows GamePanel-enabled Logitech gaming keyboards to display in-game info, system statistics, and more. The SDK enables integration of GamePanel functionality within your code.

2018/07/02 8.87

Arx Control introduces second screen capability that allows iOS and Android mobile devices to display in-game info, vital system statistics and more. The associated SDK enables integration of your code with the Arx Control app.

2018/07/02 8.57.148

Assign the functions of G-Keys from within your application's own UI, without having to exit to use the Logitech Gaming Software.

2018/07/02 9.00

Get access to all of the LED backlighting and RGB capabilities of Logitech G products, including implementation in Logitech G HUB Early Access. Integrate profiles for custom key configurations, develop in-game effects, or mark keys to keep track of cooldowns on various commands