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FPS Gaming Gear - Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, Headset | Logitech G

Play at Your Peak

Speed. Precision. Reliability. Exactly what you need for competitive FPS gaming. Exactly what our designers and engineers focus on. Stay in the lead with world-leading gaming gear innovation.

g502x plus wireless gaming mouse
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Hit Your Shots


The latest in gaming mouse tech in its perfect form. Precision is everywhere in G502 X PLUS, from optical-mechanical LIGHTFORCE switches that combine incredible responsiveness and reliability to 13 programmable controls that put all your power moves at your fingertips. Unrivaled HERO 25K gaming sensor precision and pro-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless will keep you locked in.

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Hear the Whole Game

G733 Wireless Headset

Stay alive with greater awareness and clearer comms. Game sense is more than what you see. What you can’t hear will take you out. G733 PRO-G drivers are made of hybrid mesh for drastically reduced distortion for crystal clear comms, isolated footsteps, and booming bass. Free yourself from the drag and distraction of cables with LIGHTSPEED wireless.

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Rely on Movement

G915 TKL Wireless Keyboard

Movement is the difference between holding an angle and getting thirsted. Make sure every keystroke is on time and on point. GL mechanical switches are designed for speed and precision while LIGHTSPEED wireless is ultra-responsive for control you can feel with every head glitch. And G915 TKL is compact for greater mouse area so you can flick freely.

Meet G502 X

Get the full feature set of the latest, legendary G502. G502 X PLUS is maxed out and ready for the meta.


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