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The Official Gaming Gear of Battlefield V

Exclusive Gear Partners

Hear from the Battlefield V game creators and developers about how the game was designed for accuracy and control. And how the technology in Logitech G gear unlocks and optimizes gameplay for Battlefield V. As game fanatics, these partnerships are our greatest reward. Logitech G is honored to be the official gear partner of Battlefield V.

Sample LIGHTSYNC-immersed environment

HERO 16K Precision

Battlefield V delivers new gunplay and movement mechanics for more fluid and precise control. HERO 16K is our most accurate sensor and performs with unprecedented accuracy at any DPI from 100 to 16,000. Aim true and react fastest on the latest Battlefield V with our HERO 16K sensor.

Sample LIGHTSYNC-immersed environment

Symphony of Destruction

One of the most visceral Battlefield qualities is the complex and lifelike world destruction, now better than ever in Battlefield V and with the all-new sound profile designed specifically for our exclusive Pro-G drivers . As surrounding structures and fortifications take damage, you need accurate and immersive surround sound to capture the whole explosive experience. Pro-G drivers reproduce every crack and collapse precisely with anti-distortion, hybrid-mesh drivers. Hear the cacophony of war just as the sound designers intended.

Sample LIGHTSYNC-immersed environment

Custom is the Key

Battlefield is known for variety in gameplay. Finding the right combinations to create the super soldier of your dreams is well rewarded, especially if you use your powers to help your squad in Battlefield V. Firstly, with the unprecedented speed from highly-tuned keystroke performance. And with fully programmable keybindings, macros and RGB lighting. Customize with G HUB software to suit your playstyle and increase your gaming potential.