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Logitech G Advanced Gaming Gear for AAA Games

Logitech Spark sample screen; League of Legends logo


LIGHTSYNC technology provides 16.8 million brilliant, programmable colors

LIGHTSYNC technology immerses you into the action with automatic, game-driven lighting effects that react to many popular games. LIGHTSYNC also provides customizable animated lighting effects, dynamic screen sampling that extends monitor color, audio visualization and more.

LGS sample screen
Game Your Gear

Customize your Logitech G mouse, keyboard. headset and speakers for each game you play—even for each character you play, with Logitech Gaming Software (LGS). It’s packed with even more programmability, so create your custom lighting effects, build your craftiest macros and share your settings with all your friends.

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Pixel of Win

Consistent, pixel-precise accuracy makes a critical difference in high-stakes competitive gameplay. HERO sensor is next-gen and the new leader in gaming performance. HERO features 400 IPS and zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration across the entire DPI range (200-16,000 DPI … that’s fast even at 8k). It’s the difference between a well-timed precision takedown and a one-pixel-off complete fail. That’s the pixel of win.

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