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G513 CARBON LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Palmrest

G Series


LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Palmrest
Advanced gaming keyboard featuring your choice of GX mechanical switches. The detachable, memory-foam palmrest and premium aluminum-alloy construction make G513 full-featured and best-in-class.

FREE Keyboard Sleeve with G Series Mouse and Keyboard Purchase.

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Specs & Details


G513 GX Blue
  • Length: 290 mm
  • Width: 305 mm
  • Height: 35.5 mm
  • Weight: 962 g
  • Cable length: 0.3 m
  • Length: 88 mm
  • Width: 305 mm
  • Height: 21.5 mm

Technical Specifications

GX Blue Mechanical Switches
  • Actuation distance: 1.9 mm
  • Actuation force: 50 g
  • Total travel distance: 4 mm
  • Connection Type: USB 2.0
  • USB Protocol: USB 2.0
  • USB Ports (Built-in): Yes, 2.0
  • Indicator Lights (LED): 2 (up to 1080p)
  • Backlighting: Yes, RGB per key lighting
Special Keys
  • Lighting Controls: FN+F5/ F6/F7
  • Game Mode: FN+F8
  • Media controls: FN+F9/ F10/F11/F12
  • Volume Contros: FN+ PRTSC/SCRLK/PAUSE
  • Programmable FN keys via Logitech G HUB

Warranty Information

2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Part Number

  • Carbon Español (Qwerty) GX Brown Tactile : 920-009323
  • Carbon Deutsch (Qwertz) GX Blue Switch : 920-008927
  • Carbon Pусский Linear : 920-008856
  • Carbon Pусский (Йцукен/Qwerty) GX Red Linear : 920-009339
  • Carbon Dansk/ Norsk/ Svenska/ Suomalainen GX Red Linear : 920-009337
  • Carbon Français (Azerty) GX Blue Switch : 920-008928
  • Carbon Suisse / Schweizer (Qwertz) GX Brown Tactile : 920-009326
  • Carbon UK English (Qwerty) GX Brown Tactile : 920-009328
  • Carbon US International GX Blue Switch : 920-008934
  • Carbon Dansk/ Norsk/ Svenska/ Suomalainen GX Blue Switch : 920-008931
  • Carbon Dansk/ Norsk/ Svenska/ Suomalainen GX Brown Tactile : 920-009327
  • Carbon Deutsch (Qwertz) GX Brown Tactile : 920-009324
  • Carbon US International GX Brown Tactile : 920-009330
  • Carbon Français (Azerty) GX Brown Tactile : 920-009325
  • Carbon US International GX Red Linear : 920-009340
  • Carbon Deutsch (Qwertz) GX Red Linear : 920-009334
  • Carbon Deutsch (Qwertz) Linear : 920-008850
  • Carbon UK English (Qwerty) GX Blue Switch : 920-008932


Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 oder Windows 7
USB port (for keyboard)
Media controls: FN+F9/ F10/F11/F12
Second USB port (for USB passthrough port)
(Optional) Internet access for Logitech G HUB software.

In the Box

  • Gaming keyboard
  • Memory foam palmrest
  • Gaming keycaps
  • Keycap puller
  • User documentation


Find all the documentation we have available to get this product up and running quickly.

G513 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keycaps

12 additional keycaps come with G513, so you can upgrade critical gaming keys to be as heroic as your gameplay. Swap them fast and easy with the included puller to remove the keycaps.

G513 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

26-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting

Press multiple keys simultaneously in any order and get exactly what you intended with 26-key rollover.

Performance-tuned anti-ghosting gives you reliable control when multiple gaming commands are given simultaneously.

G513 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Programmable Macros

Use Logitech G HUB to program custom functions and macro commands on F1-F12 buttons. Make your gaming life easier. Execute complex commands, or unleash a timed series of actions or spells with the press of a button.


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