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Isaac “VP Isaac21” Gillissen has come out on top in the Logitech G Challenge annual eRacing competition. The 19 year old from Delft, Netherlands, clinched the top spot. With the win, he becomes the newest McLaren Shadow Project racer, with an opportunity to win a spot on the McLaren Shadow team

“This is the type of competition that can change lives. I’m the fastest eracer alive ... What an incredible experience.”

Logitech G Challenge 2019 Grand Finalists

VP Isaac21
VP Isaac21

2019 G Challenge Eracing Grand Champion

Name: Isaac Gillissen
Representing: Netherlands
Favorite Driver: Max Verstappen

THR Wolf

Name: Elwin Smith
Representing: Scotland
Favorite Driver: Sebastian Vettel


AleefHamilton44VP Isaac21

Name: Ar Muhammad Aleef
Representing: Singapore
Favorite Driver: Lewis Hamilton


Pak Ho Wong

Name: Pak Ho Wong
Representing: Hong Kong
Favorite Driver: Daniel Ricciardo


THR operator
THR operator

Name: Christian Wiggins
Representing: USA
Favorite Driver: Michael Schumacher



Name: David Moore
Representing: USA
Favorite Driver: Lando Norris


Facundo Dudulec

Name: Facundo Dudulec
Representing: Argentina
Favorite Driver: Charles Leclerc


Michael Velez

Name: Michael Velez
Representing: Colombia
Favorite Driver: Juan Pablo Montoya