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BLUE VO!CE - Microphone Voice Filter Technology

High-Pass Filter


High-frequency information passes through the filter at a target frequency, while any audio below that range rolls off. This removes low-frequency noise—like car engines, heavy equipment, or even your fan.

Noise Reduction


Removes consistently produced, unwanted noises like fans, road noise, rain, and other consistent sounds.



Expander is a noise gate with a variable range. Use it to remove unwanted background noise when you’re not speaking into the mic—dogs barking, children playing, or your TV. If you set the threshold slightly below the level of your voice, the gate will open only when you're speaking and cut any other noise when you’re not.



Listens to high frequencies for hissing or sibilant sounds. The tool listens at a target frequency— 8KHz by default—and compresses that frequency when the threshold is reached by the amount set by the ratio control.

Voice EQ


Selected frequencies can be reduced or boosted to change the sonic profile of the signal. Blue VO!CE includes a variable three band EQ, allowing three individual frequencies to be adjusted by their output, target frequency, and Q factor. Q factor defines the amount of adjacent frequencies that are affected by the target frequency. EQ is great for accentuating the naturally good sounding parts of a person's voice and reducing the unpleasant.



Makes your voice signal more consistent in volume, so you’re easier to hear—whether you’re screaming or whispering. Reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal by attenuating the output in relation to the threshold and ratio controls.



A limiter compresses the output of the audio signal with an infinite ratio, essentially “limiting” the signal so it will not exceed the desired level.

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