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Join The Logitech G Partner Program


About the Logitech G Partner Program

i. Being a Logitech G Partner means being a part of our family, so we do as much as we can to support you and help your community grow. Benefits to the program include:

  1. Product for your own setup
  2. Giveaways of product to your community
  3. Boosting of your content from our social accounts
  4. Personal discount code for your community
  5. Invites to internal briefings on upcoming products / initiatives
  6. Potential for paid opportunities
  7. Customized links to gain commissions on sales made through your audience

Code of Conduct

The Logitech G code of conduct outlines the mission, values and behaviors the Logitech G organization values. It outlines our core values and the standards to which our employees, partners and representatives are held accountable.

  1. Refrain from promoting or engaging in hate speech or discriminatory language of any kind.
  2. Refrain from promoting or engaging in any conduct prohibited by criminal or civil law.
  3. Refrain from promoting or engaging in any violent conduct towards a particular person or a group as a whole.
  4. Refrain from promoting or engaging in harassing, bullying or harmful conduct toward a person or group of persons for any reason.
  5. Refrain from promoting, glorifying or engaging in misogyny, drug abuse or objectification of women or any underrepresented group.
  6. Refrain from associating or affiliating with any documented hate group.
  7. Refrain from associating or affiliating with any person engaging in conduct prohibited by this Code of Conduct.
  8. Refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct and compete in the spirit of fair play.
  9. Refrain from using competitor products publicly, including hardware, software and accessories, unless written exemption is given.
  10. Adhere to the Terms of Service for the platform on which you stream and post content.
  11. Treat fellow players, community members, and fans with respect and courtesy. Do not use racial slurs. homophobic, misogynistic, transphobic, or any other language or content that is derogatory towards any group.
  12. Refrain from engaging in sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual conduct.
  13. Refrain from engaging in recurrent and excessive overtly sexual or pornographic behavior in online channels if representing the Logitech G brand.
  14. Avoid the use of abusive behavior whether verbal, physical or sexual, although exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis (i.e., without limitation purposes, statement made as an immediate defensive reaction after a previous offense or attack received by the person making the statement).
  15. When speaking as a representative of the community, your fellow players or at events—act responsibly and communicate professionally.
  16. Represent Logitech and Logitech G brand with authenticity and pride.

Guidelines for the Application of Code of Conduct

The following are examples of unacceptable behavior by Logitech that may result in penalties or removal from Logitech G gaming activations.

a) Mean-spirited displays of obscenity, anger or hate.

  • Any displays, written comments and/or vocalization that discriminate against any person on the basis of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, skill level and more - where members of the public (including players, fans, and the media) are present in any capacity.

b) Abuse (physical, verbal, threatening or slanderous) of Logitech staff, fans, fellow streamers, community members and anyone else.

  • Any physical intimidation of fans, event attendees, content creators etc.

  • Improper contact or arguments with event staff or fans.

c) Unprofessional public communications in person or via any media dialogue.

  • Slanderous comments with racial, cultural or sexual overtones about Logitech or competitor personnel, fellow players, or fans.

  • Damaging and false commentary of Logitech G, competitors, players, fans, and content creators.

  • Excessive or threatening negative comments to other players, event personnel, Logitech staff, or fans.

d) Blatant and repeated violations of contractual obligations.

  • Failure to arrive on time for meet and greets, live stream events, video production etc. 

  • Failure to notify event or relevant departments of withdrawal from an event, video production, meet and greet etc.

  • Failure to deliver content as agreed to in contract.


Partners, representatives, ambassadors, content creators and/or streamers whose conduct is considered contrary to this Code (at Logitech’s reasonable discretion) may be subject to individual penalties, including but not limited to one or many of the following, without limitation purposes:

  1. Letter of reprimand.
  2. Suspension of revenue share, contractual payments, bonus payments, product or in-kind compensation, etc.
  3. Cessation of collaboration.
  4. Termination of contract.


You are receiving this Code of Conduct because we strongly believe in you and your ability to promote the industry and the Logitech G brand. You will be instrumental in creating positive change and upholding the common sense and decent values that we want for each other and ourselves. Let’s be the very best we can be and set the new standard that we will all be proud of.

Thank you so much for your interest!

Partnership relationships are evaluated on a case by case basis based on your channel content, engagement and follower numbers. The most important thing to us at Logitech G is that you are authentic, inclusive, and believe in the power of play. If we feel you are a good fit, we'll reach out to you. Due to the volume of messages we receive we may not be able to reply to everyone!


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